We are a group of students studying game development and animation, our team name for the project is ‘Deadwire Arts’ and our project a game all about killing vegetables!

Game Development

  • Angelo Guerrero (LinkedIn– Lead programmer (General)
    Oversee project and develop game systems with the other programmers.
  • Alex Le Mesurier ( – Gameplay programmer & Effects (General gameplay programming & game lighting and particle effects)
    Develop systems, with a focus on visual aesthetics of the game.
  • Hazim Bin Abd Wahid (– Programmer (A.I)
    Develop systems, with a focus on balancing statistics and variable values.

Modelling, Animation & Art

  • Elijah Araza (– Lead modeller and Story director
    Oversee asset development and story, specializes with character modelling.
  • Ibrahim Noushad (– Assistant story director & Weapon Modeller.
    Develop assets for the team specializing in weapon and structures and assisting with cinematic development.
  • John Sartorio (– Animator and Art director
    Develop assets for the project with a focus on animation and oversee the art illustrations.
  • Gamila Hafez (– Lighting & Environment Modeller
    Develop assets for the team specializing in environmental props as well as visual effects in post.



  • Aditya Rajagopal (Soundtracks)
  • Joshua Basug (Sound Design)
  • Lauren Gabat (Graphics Design)
  • Wayan Pascual (Secondary UI Design)
  • Kimberly Reyes (Secondary Artist)
  • Angelica Fierra (Secondary Artist)
  • The Asset Room (Sound Effects)
    • Muhammad Albadawi
    • Sagar Bhagat
    • Shiv Menon



  • Christian Dulay (Voice Acting Assistance)
  • Jamie Rallos (Voice Acting Assistance)
  • Hind Mustafa (Lecturer)
  • Bing Ratnapala (Lecturer)
  • Ahmed Gamal (Lecturer)
  • Carlos Bott (Lecturer)