Visuals and aesthetics


For our project, we decided to go forward with a stylized art style with regards to the visual aesthetics and the creation of all the prop assets in the game.

Stylized graphics essentially focus on portraying objects or characters in ways where the most distinguished and important features are exaggerated to a certain degree. In a way, stylized graphics can be compared to caricatures from art and literature. When applying this concept to models, a stylized aesthetic demands that the objects are to not seem realistic in the sense that certain features can be contorted and enlarged in order to give off the feeling that the asset is not of a realistic nature.

Aside from the fact that we found it visually appealing, going forward with a stylized visual aesthetic in mind would save us time with asset creation due to the fact that the assets didn’t need to look realistic hence a lower amount of detail, hence less time spent working on an asset.


Aside from modelling the assets in a stylized way, one step that we took in order to help us move towards a stylized was the creation of a cel shading shader. This cel shading shader allowed us to give assets a more hand drawn feel. It was inspired mainly by Zelda games which made use of cel shading.

Turrets (1)

Lastly, for the weapons and structures in our game, due to the location of the setting of the game, it only made sense for us to give the weapons and structures a home made feel. The fact that we did not go with more realistic and logical weapons added to our choice to keep a stylized aesthetic in mind, as stylized assets are not meant to be exactly realistic. For this, we were inspired by the series Kids Next Door.



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