This post marks the first devblog for the game: “We are VEG”, by DeadWireArts studio. DeadWireArts studio mainly comprises of around 7 core members, the split being 3 game developers and 4 animators. The team was formed as a group for a capstone project, and the members are close to each other in the sense that they are close friends! The conception of the idea for the game We are VEG came to fruition as the group members wanted to work on something that they found fun rather than having to work on a project concept which was made for the specific purpose of fitting a brief.

In a nutshell, We are VEG is a game which revolves around fighting back against societal norms and oppression of self identity. The main premise for the game is that vegetables are angered by the decision of tomatoes which is to identify as vegetables (Although they are technically fruits in a scientific sense). Due to this the vegetables begin to persecute the tomatoes, punishing them for an action that they believe could destroy the very core of society.

Poster Rough_3

Moving onto gameplay details about the title, We are VEG is a third person tower defence survival game inspired by other titles such as “Kill all Orcs” and “Mean greens” with regards to the general gameplay and flow. The aesthetic vision for the game (which is that of a cel shaded art style), was inspired by various games such as zelda and fortnite.

The game is going to be published as an early access title on steam and will be available for people to play. F_fBroccoli


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