Project Overview

We are a group of three game developers and four animation students working on our final project. We spent a total of six months on the project, from concept to prototype, to early alpha & beta, to final deliverable.

The Story

In a not-so-ordinary supermarket, several channels had broadcasted an emergency evacuation in the vegetable aisle where the vegetables have been angered by the misplaced tomatoes, identifying themselves as their kind because everyone knows tomatoes are actually fruits. Thus, the vegetables started an uprising by genetically modifying themselves to gain an advantage but accidentally caused them to mutate, multiplying their numbers and causing havoc in the supermarket. In the end, there is only one tomato (joined by Avocado & Pumpkin) who can save everyone by defending its homeland from the mutated vegetables.

The Game

3rd person tower defence survival Game, aimed around defeating waves of enemies.

Place traps and obstacles for enemies.

Use a variety of weapons, accessories and special abilities to kill enemies.

Visually similar to “Sausage party” and “Mean greens”.Similar; in terms of gameplay, to “Orcs must die” and “Fortnite PVE”.

The Cinematic

The Game Trailer

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